Website updated & news about me

Just text in this post.  First off, if you’ve looked at my P G Models website recently you will see that I have altered all of the pages for each model.  Every now and again I get people ordering my models, and then realising that they are a smaller scale than they first thought.  I’ve had this several times with both the Scammell Commander and Leyland DAF DROPS models.  One of the problems is that if you do a Google search for say a model of an FV432, it’ll take you straight to the page on my website for the FV432, by-passing the front page where I tell people the scale of my models, and show a model in my hand.  This has now been changed, so for the FV432 you will now see:

 This is an un-assembled 1/152nd scale model kit of an FV432 that measures 35mm long, 19mm wide, and is 14mm high.  It weighs 24g and consists of 5 parts that are made of lead-free pewter alloy.

And the same for most of the models in my range.  You’ll see that it’s:

  • an unassembled kit;
  • that it’s made in 1/152nd scale;
  • what it is;
  • it’s dimensions (to the nearest millimetre);
  • it’s weight (to the nearest 2 grams – useful for railway modellers to see how many they can have in a train that is not too heavy for the loco to haul);
  • how many parts are in it (to give an idea of how complex it is to assemble);
  • and that it’s made of lead-free pewter alloy.

Hopefully that’s covering all angles that I can think of to try to make my models as clearly and as accurately described as I can.

At The International N Gauge Show in Leamington Spa back in September, just two months ago, but it seems a lot longer, I was asked by a few people if I could give an idea of when the vehicles I’ve modelled were or are in service.  This is something that I’ve been asked before, so I’ve gone through my reference books and have now altered all the pages of the website with this information as well.  So, for the FV432 again, you will now read:

 In Service – 1962 (as a Mk.1) then the Mk.2 around mid 1960s and now Mk.3 (upgraded Mk.2s) from the mid 2000s, still in service.

This gets a bit tricky for something that has been in service for such a long time as the FV432.  The actual mark of the vehicle is a Mk.2/2, so that would be more accurately late 1960s through to the mid 2000s, but these dates will give people an idea of when the vehicles were in service.  I have also altered my price lists, so these also now have the dates in service, although a lot more abbreviated than what’s on the website as there’s only a tiny bit of room to include this.

For some of the vehicles such as the RAF ones, I have had to guess on some of the in-service dates.  Whilst I was at the IPMS (International Plastic Modellers Society) Scale Modelworld show in Telford two weeks ago I asked a few of my friends who know a lot more about RAF vehicles than I do if they would check what I’ve written.  I’ll update this information as and when I hear from them.

MAFVA Chairmanship

The other bit of news is about me.  Back in the summer, on Father’s Day in June, I attended the Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicle Association (MAFVA)’s National Competitions in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire.  This is always my favourite show of the year.  I’ve been a member of the Association since the mid 70s, for over 40 years!  Over those years I have made many friends from up and down the country and a few Worldwide as well.  The MAFVA has always given me much enjoyment and friendship which has seen me through hassles at work, then a broken marriage just as I got promoted, and then even greater hassles, followed by being chucked out through redundancy, and then dealing with cancer and a major operation to get rid of it.  And through all of that I’ve had the one constancy in my life in the form of my hobby, and in particular, the circle of friends in my model making association.  At the MAFVA Nationals I had a number of my friends ask me if I would consider standing for the post of MAFVA Chairman that was due for election at the end of this year, for appointment at our next AGM.  I gave this much thought and came to the conclusion that this would give me the opportunity to give something back to the association that has done so much for me in the past and has given me so many years of enjoyment, and continues to do so.

The latest issue of our MAFVA magazine “Tankette” was published at the start of this month where members were invited to apply for a number of posts in the MAFVA Committee, including the post of Chairman, so I applied for it with a nomination from my friend Des Burgess and seconded by David Payne, who I have both known for over 20 years, nearer 25.  I have now been told that I was the only person to apply for the Chairman’s post, and the current post holder did not re-apply,  so I am now the Chairman Designate (probably not “Elect” as there’s been no election) of the MAFVA, and shall take up the post at our next AGM in March.  This is something that I am very much looking forward to doing.

If I think back 38 years ago to 1978,  I was living in Croydon, my first daughter had just been born and I was a recently qualified Trading Standards Officer, who had been in the MAFVA for just a few years.  If someone had told me that I would eventually become a Chief Trading Standards Officer and later become the Chairman of the MAFVA, I would never have believed them in a million years.  But what is amazing is that both have/ are coming come true!  Quite incredible.



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