So far this year I have been using the metal I’ve had from a delivery towards the end of 2015, and so have continued using the 2016 prices.  I have held back in altering my prices for 2017 until I ordered more metal as I was expecting an increase in price.  I am also aware that transactions in metals are made in US Dollars, and so I also held back until the £ sterling increased slightly in value, however, not enough!

I have today, 27th January phoned my supplier for a price, to find that there’s been a huge increase in the price of the pewter.  I was faced with two alternatives.  Either to not order anymore pewter and close the business, or to pay the higher price, and pass it on to my customers.  I have tried to absorb some of the increase, but as the biggest element of my costs is the price of the metal, I’ve had no alternative but to substantially increase my prices.  The P G Models website has just been amended with these new prices.


3 Responses to “2017 PRICE INCREASE”

  1. John Says:

    Everything goes up Paul. I am more than happy to pay the extra for my models. Any new ones coming?

    • paulgandy Says:

      Hi John,
      I’ve got various things on the go at the moment. The Humber 1 ton is about half done, and I’m making some models that are being cast in resin exclusively for The N Gauge Society

  2. cussman Says:

    Hi Paul, I am sure most people will understand and if they don’t then it’s their loss. your models stand up to the real things and there are few like yours available to buy in our scale.
    Please don’t lose heart as you produce great models and I am one who don’t mind paying that bit more for what I need. With that in mind how’s the new models coming on ? looking forward to seeing them soon I hope.
    Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon, regards as always, Martin C.

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