Barry Island Model Show

Barry Island Railway Station

Barry Island Railway Station

Last Sunday 23rd April I went with my model club, South Wales MAFVA to a model show inside Barry Island Railway Station.  The station is still very much in use, but the trains now use the platform with an exit just off the picture above to the left, with all of these station buildings now used as a military museum where they have regular weekends with preserved steam and diesel trains running, and several different model shows, to help publicise their efforts.

The former Waiting Room

The former Waiting Room

This is the former Waiting Room, with our displays around all four walls, and in the centre of the room.  The open doorway to the right of our club banner is the way through to the station platform.  The day started off decidedly grey and overcast, typical weather for a South Wales seaside resort.  This particular location has gained fame, or should that be infamy as the set for the “Gavin & Stacey” BBC comedy series.  When I lived in Cardiff in my early teens I used to travel to Barry Island by (steam) train with my brother for a day on the beach, and must have walked through this station countless times.

Peter Denyer with his huge rail gun

Peter Denyer with his huge rail gun

Quite appropriately for this location, Peter Denyer brought along his Dora WWII German rail gun.  Even in 1/76th scale this is still huge, and nicely done by Peter who is on the left here talking to one of our visitors.

Mike Gill's Longmoor dioram

Mike Gill’s Longmoor diorama

Another club member with a railway related theme was Mike Gill with a diorama/working layout of part of the Longmoor Military Railway set in the period of WWII.  The locos are from various model railway manufacturers, with buildings from Skytrex, but most of the vehicles have been heavily converted by Mike from various sources.

Sean Hooper's models

Sean Hooper’s models

New club member Sean Hooper brought along an interesting selection of his models.  He is working on a large collection of Bedford QL variants where he is converting basic kits with new bodies.  Sean has painted these using dark toning and then with water colours.  We hope to have an article about his painting techniques in our South Wales MAFVA newsletter/magazine, The Dragon.

Some of my models

Some of my models

I brought along a selection of my models, and included some 1/76th scale ones that are quite a few years old.  The Leyland DAF DROPS truck and trailer were Continental Model Supply Company models where I converted the flatracks into fuel dispensing tanks, used in Bosnia and Croatia.  I was told that they didn’t comply with UK Road Traffic Construction & Use legislation, and so were only ever used loaded with fuel when abroad.

A beautiful little diorama from Paul Hennessy

A beautiful little diorama from Paul Hennessy

The son of the show organiser wanted to have a competition for the best model on display at the show, and so we all had to pick our favourite one.  This must have been a difficult task for the judges as we have some very varied interests within our club.  The winner was Paul Hennessy for this beautiful little 1/35th scale diorama.  Paul was with me when we attended a previous show at this venue, but that time we were stuck out on the windy, freezing cold platform all day.  Whilst there though, Paul showed me how he builds up layers of transparent washes of paint to weather his vehicles.  This is shown to good effect in this diorama.

The train to Aberdare

The train to Aberdare

Just to prove that this is still a working station, here’s one of a number of regular services bring people down from the South Wales valleys, in this case Aberdare, for a day on the beach and taking them back again.  The show was a lot better this year than when we were there previously, and the day soon went, with a steady flow of people coming to have a look at our display.

By way of a contrast, this coming weekend 28th through to 30th April I am attending the Bristol Model Railway Exhibition in Thornbury Leisure Centre with both my N gauge Haverfordwest layout and also with my P G Models trade stand that will be more or less opposite the layout.  For anyone visiting the show, I will be in Hall 2 which is the bowls court, in the top left hand corner.  I have three friends who will be helping me with both the layout and the trade stand, with me going to wherever the greatest need is. It should be a busy weekend.





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